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No booking required. 

If you are making an insurance claim; please bring your claim number and let your insurance company know you are coming to see us.

Legal Obligations

  • If you collide with another vehicle you MUST STOP, check if anyone is hurt and render assistance to an injured person.  You must also give your name and address to the Police if requested and (if someone is hurt) you must report the accident to the Police within 24 hours.
  • If you damage another person's vehicle or property, you must advise the owner, or the Police within 48 hours.  For minor accidents, drivers should exchange names, addresses, insurance companies and registration numbers.

Know Your Rights

  • You have the right to choose your repairer.  Name the repairer of your choice to both tow truck operators and your insurance company.  You do not have to accept any repairer they nominate.
  • Insurance companies insist on a repairer company being reputable, competent, and reliable.  Your repairer's membership of the NZCRA assures you of these qualities.
  • Members of the NZCRA display the Association's symbol on their stationery and premises' signs. 

Payment Options Available

All liable costs must be paid before the car is released from our premises.

Payment options we offer include:
- Eftpos
- Cash
- Mastercard/Visa (surcharge applies)